Original Danes

For the last half of the past century, science endeavoured to find information about the development of our domestic dogs. They found skeletons of the transitional forms from wolf to dog in huge refuse dumps of the Kjökkenmöddiger (mussel eaters).

Findings of dog bones, which have been unearthed at excavations and which are estimated to be some 8,000 to 10,000 years old, revealed already the large variety of the subsequent forms of the dog.

These original dogs have been given names that are easy to remember, such as Broncedog, Ashdog, Peatdog, “Pfahlhausspitz”, Warehousedog, Wolfhound. “Quot canes tot colores.

So many dogs so many colours.” Or rather, so many colours and so many shapes which, in the course of different cultural epochs, derived from these original types. Natural and human breeding selections contributed to this development. We are only interested in the danelike dogs. We don’t want to make the mistake here to either determine the origin of our Great Dane in a direct line to either of the original forms of the dog, nor to put the pedigree of a now wolfish puppy down to prehistoric times.