About Us

Welcome to our web site Yaresville Great Danes & Bulldogs and our Home. We live in Stratton Strawless, a small Village about 10 miles from Norwich in Norfolk and 4 miles from the Norwich International Airport. Our home that we share with our Great Danes, is a five bedroom Chalet Bungalow sitting in eight acres of gardens with a Kio Pond being the central feature, so if you decide to visit us, you will have plenty of space for your canine friends.

Living in Norfolk has its drawbacks as we are about sixty miles from any given motor way, however there have been major road improvements since we started showing in the early 1980s.

Back then, as a novice exhibitor, it was very hard to get recognition with your Dane as there were the Big name kennels about then, contesting for top spot, Listing in no particular order, are the kennels of note!

Anset, Dicarl, Walkmyll, Devarro, Impton, Helmlake.

The Gene Pool was enormous, some Kennels having 60 or more Danes to call on! The influence of these Kennels played a major part in establishing some of the most outstanding Danes of the decade. Each had a recognised type.

We became involved with Great Danes in 1970 when we purchased a Brindle Dane as a pet from the late Peggy Laing.

(Gaylaing Kennels) Over time we realised that he, “Biff” was not a show winner, however we took him to the local shows for fun and a day out. By now we had the “Dane Bug” and soon started to enquire around the Dane Show ring for something more to the Standard. We purchased a lovely Blue Bitch who was sired by Impton Apache, and had great fun with several wins, the most noticeable was with the late –great, Mr Bill Siggers.

Life Changed for us while attending Cruft’s. walking around the Dane Stalls we saw a Young Girl  sitting beside a enormous handsome Harlequin Dog. Champion Helmlake Chico, it was Love at first site. His handler was Mandy Toms, and soon became our life-time friend.  

Having taken the address of the Breeder/Owner we called to find out if we could use, Champion Chico, on our black bitch, when she came into season. We found the Breeder, Mrs.Karina Le Mare of the Kennel Helmlake. Having afternoon tea with Karina we could learn more about all aspects of Danes then a season sitting around listening to the (Ringside Judge’s) comments.

We had the good fortune of breeding, showing and making-up two Champions, Yaresville Washington and Westminster, both winning Best of Breed Crufts.  Our sincere thanks to all the Judges and friends, who thought so highly of them.

After many years decided to give it a go and breed another litter and the results are to be seen on this web site. We will be posting a progress report weekly, with pictures and Blog. Hope you find it interesting and if you have any views or suggestions please feel free to express them .

Best Regards,
Aubrey,Carol & Jack Cropley. Yaresville